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The most ignored words in the world.

aka don’t be a dick

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Tiger gets a bad baby tooth removed

When a tiger’s first response to having a tooth yanked is not a roar, snarl or swipe with claws, but a test nibble to check that its mouth works as well as it suddenly feels, it speaks volumes about how much the bad tooth* must have hurt.
*You can see, briefly, that it’s black and nasty on the inner side. Yuck.

poor baby

I’m just awed by the amount of trust in this gif. That tiger totally trusts that the human is going to help with that scary metal object on an already painful area and the human totally trusts that the tiger is just test nibbling and not chomping down on his arm. I flinch when a house cat comes at me too fast and these two don’t even hesitate to trust each other.

Marilyn Monroe, Costume Test Love Nest 1951.

He was a skater goat
She said see ya later goat
He wasn’t goat enough for her
She turns on the computer screen
Guess what she sees
Skater goat rockin the tumblr scene